Wednesday, June 22, 2011

About the Revolutionary Filmmaking Project, Guatemala

Impetus: I decided to head up a project on media literacy, or learning how to be a critical consumer and an educated producer of media, is one major aspect of prevention education.  I believe that by giving young people tools to create films about gender and violence we are educating more than just the twenty mentees and mentors in the program, we are sharing that knowledge on a broader scale. 

Scope: This project is meant to reach a number of groups.  First and foremost it will directly affect the ten students who will be participating in the project, two high school students, eight college students. Secondly we aim to effect the ten mentors who will be train to mentor the student participants.  Thirdly we aim to effect the audience at the premiere of the films the students will make.  This audience will be comprised of faculty, staff, students, the families of the student filmmakers, the friends and neighbors from the communities of the student filmmakers, and other locals interested in the films.  Also included in the audience will be those who will watch the film online as we will be hosting it there as well.  This include people internationally, especially those in the United States and Guatemala, the location of MIA's offices.  Lastly, the student participants and mentors are encouraged to teach others and spread the words about feminism and film making once the project ends.

Project: The Revolutionary Film making Project, Guatemala is a five-week series of workshops and hands-on classes designed to introduce students to the art and craft of film making.  These workshops are an excellent exploration into the language of feminist and film theory and the tools of digital film making.  Workshop students will form groups and write, produce, direct and edit their own short film with the support of mentors.

The Objective: To inspire and teach young activists how to use film as a tool for social change. 

The Goals: To complete two 3-5 minute films on topics relating to MIA’s Mission Statement or the project themes of feminism, feminicide, men and feminism, gender equity/justice, and women in Guatemala. Once completed, the films will be shown at the Universidad de San Carlos  de Guatemala and the students will graduate from the program.

Timeline:  All workshops mandatory; attendance is required.  All workshops for will take place at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, room TBA. 

Week 1:   Saturday, Aug 20 (10am-6pm)
Week 2:   Sat & Sun Aug 27 & 28 (10am Sat-6pm Sun)
Week 3:   Saturday, Sept 3 (10am-6pm)
Week 4:   Saturday, Sept 10 (10am-6pm)
Week 5:   Saturday, Sept 17 (10am-6pm)
Premiere: The week of Sept 26-30 (6pm-9pm)

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