Thursday, December 9, 2010

Part 5. Breaking Form: Dreamers Adrift and Fluidity

The new project of Dreamers Adrift has somewhat abandoned the typical AB540 narrative, the so-called “sob story” and adapted a much more fluid expression. Here Deisy talks about the differences between the projects.

The fluidity of the Dreamers Adrift project manifests in that one day they are using personal voiceover narratives, the next they are telling a creative story and acting, they are creating a short documentary of a political action, and, most recently, using stop-motion animation, all the while changing roles in terms of who is holding the camera, coming up with the ideas, and hosting the filming.

Here is their stop-motion piece:


  1. Does Daisy tell this story of layers or fluidity of voice for you, Nouvelle Maude, or on her own impetus? Who is behind the camera? Is it for this project, or hers, or both?

  2. I really enjoy the narrative change from the “sob story” to a voice of activism and change. The positive voice is inspiring and exciting, it's hopeful and promising. Although the old narrative is emotional and compelling, the change in narrative is not typical, but refreshing.